Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry, Handmade With Love.

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The Necklaces

Essential oil diffusing necklaces for every occasion

Paired with our bracelets, or worn alone as statement pieces, each of our essential oil diffusing necklaces utilizes a locket, pendant or focal bead consisting of an oil diffusing material like natural lava, clay or leather.

The Accessories

Perfect essential oil diffusing gifts for any budget

Essential oil diffusing keychains, rings, baby pacifier clips and more. We add new products to the accessories page often, so check back for new products periodically!


Naturally occurring materials

Jasper, Ox Bone, Howlite, Sandstone and much more.


Safari Style

Clay and natural lava beads combined with South African inspired focal pieces.


Ornate Wrap Bracelets

Our three, four, and five time wrap bracelets range in length from 24″ to 35″ and have fully adjustable button slide enclosures for a custom fit.

St. Thomas

Classic Beach Vibes

Minimalist Recycled Sea Glass and Natural Lava styles.


Glitz, Glam & Bling

Natural Lava paired with sparkling focal pieces made from Crystal, Herkimer Diamonds, Rhinestone Pave’ and more.


Iconic, Volcanic Style

Our “mostly lava” bracelets, constructed from at least 85% natural lava stones. Perfect for aromatherapy benefits of essential oils, as every bead is absorbent.


Old World Elegance

Brass Findings, Natural Lava and ornate focal pieces inspired by colorful  Turkish marketplaces.


Man Made Ingenuity

Rubberized Matte Glass, Electroplated Drusy, Rhinestone Crystal and other manmade materials inspired by the spirit of human engineering.

Gulf Coast

Mother of Pearl

Inspired by the bounty of the Gulf of Mexico, these bracelets were created with oyster (mother of pearl) focal pieces for elegant, southern charm.


High functioning essential-oil diffusing materials in classic, understated designs.

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